Personalized Photo Rakhi Customised Gift for Brother on Rakshabandhan
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Personalized Photo Rakhi Customised Gift for Brother on Rakshabandhan


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  • Choose a meaningful photo that holds sentimental value or a cherished memory.
  • Select the type of personalized photo Rakhi you want to create.
  • Get the chosen photo printed in the appropriate size.
  • Consider including a personal message or your brother’s name for an extra touch.
  • Carefully assemble the Rakhi by inserting the photo into the designated area.
  • Place the Rakhi in a beautiful packaging or wrap it with attractive wrapping paper.
  • Write a heartfelt note or create a Rakshabandhan card to accompany the Rakhi.
  • Surprise your brother with this thoughtful and unique gift on Rakshabandhan day.
  • Let your brother tie the personalized Rakhi on your wrist as a symbolic gesture.
  • Enjoy the day together, creating cherished memories and capturing the special moments.
  • The personalized photo Rakhi will be a treasured keepsake, symbolizing your love and affection.
  • It’s a meaningful way to celebrate the bond between siblings on this auspicious occasion. Happy Rakshabandhan!


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Product Description

“Surprise your beloved brother on this Rakshabandhan with a truly heartfelt and thoughtful gift – a personalized photo Rakhi customised just for him! This unique gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the bond between siblings and cherish the memories you’ve shared together.

To start, carefully select a meaningful photo that holds a special place in your heart. It could be a nostalgic picture from your childhood, a delightful snapshot from a recent adventure, or any image that symbolizes the love and affection you have for your brother.

Next, choose the type of Rakhi that suits your brother’s taste and preferences. You have a variety of options, including Rakhi with a photo frame, a Rakhi with a small photo charm, or a customized Rakhi band with the photo embedded on it.

Once you have the photo, get it printed in the desired size for the chosen Rakhi type. Whether you have a physical photo or a digital copy, you can easily get it printed at a local photo store or through online services.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 cm


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