Wooden Rakhi Customized to Photo print Rakhi For Boys & Man Gift for Rakshabandhan
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Wooden Rakhi Customized to Photo print Rakhi For Boys & Man Gift for Rakshabandhan


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  • Wooden Rakhi: A unique and natural choice for Rakshabandhan, made from high-quality wood.
  • Customized Photo Print: Personalize the Rakhi by adding a special photo, making it a heartfelt gift.
  • Suitable for Boys & Men: The Rakhi’s versatile design is perfect for brothers of all ages.
  • Expressive Gesture: The photo print adds an emotional touch, expressing your love and memories.
  • Eco-friendly Choice: Being made from wood, it’s an eco-conscious option for the environmentally aware.
  • Durable & Long-lasting: The wooden Rakhi is built to last, serving as a lasting keepsake.
  • Symbol of Love: Represents the strong bond and affection between brothers and sisters.
  • Standout Design: The wooden material gives the Rakhi a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.
  • Easy to Order: Available for purchase through online gifting platforms for convenient delivery.


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Product Description

  • The Wooden Rakhi is a distinctive and natural choice for celebrating Rakshabandhan, crafted from high-quality wood materials.
  • This Rakhi can be customized with a heartfelt photo print, adding a personal touch that reflects your love and memories shared with your brother.
  • Its versatile design makes it suitable for boys and men, ensuring it will be cherished by brothers of all ages.
  • The addition of a photo print makes it an expressive and emotional gift, conveying your affection and strengthening the bond between siblings.
  • As an eco-friendly choice, the wooden Rakhi aligns with environmental values, making it a thoughtful option for those who care about sustainability.
  • Built to last, the wooden Rakhi serves not only as a beautiful accessory for the occasion but also as a lasting keepsake that your brother can treasure.
Dimensions 2 × 3 cm


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