Picture Books Collection for Early Learning (Set of 12)
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Picture Books Collection for Early Learning (Set of 12)


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  • Set of 12 Books: The collection includes 12 books covering a wide range of topics for early learners.
  • Early Learning Focus: These books are designed to support early learning and development in children.
  • Colorful Illustrations: The books feature vibrant and engaging illustrations to capture children’s attention.
  • Educational Content: The books cover essential early learning concepts such as numbers, letters, shapes, colors, animals, and everyday objects.
  • Introduction to Basic Concepts: Children are introduced to fundamental concepts through the books, building a strong foundation.
  • Vocabulary Building: The books help expand children’s vocabulary as they encounter new words and concepts.
  • Age-Appropriate Content: The content is tailored to suit the cognitive abilities and interests of young children.
  • Ideal for Parents, Teachers, and Caregivers: The collection is a valuable resource for engaging children in educational activities.
  • Encourages Love for Reading: The captivating illustrations and engaging content foster a love for reading and learning.
  • Supports Early Childhood Development: Children can develop important cognitive, language, and comprehension skills by exploring the books.


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arly Learning Picture Books Set of 12 for Kids – Complete Set for Pre-school learning – Learn English Alphabets, Numbers, Name of Fruits, Flowers, Animals, Birds, Parts of Body, Shapes, Colours and Good Habits Make pre-school learning fun and interesting with this set of early learning picture books. This set is a complete all in one pre school book of early learning for beginner learners. Each all in one book contains 8 Pages made of 200GSM Art Board with lamination . The bright images and bold letters ensues clear readability. Also, these Laminated books last longer as the kids can’t easily tear them. The book set contains 1 book each of alphabet book, numbers book, fruit book, flowers, vegetables, birds, vehicles, domestic animals, and wild animals, part of body, shapes & colors and good habits. NUMBERS & ALPHABETS – Now alphabets learning and number learning is fun and easy with the abc book and numbers book. This set contains 1 book each for alphabets and numbers. The English phonics are written in both small and capital letters in the abcd book and presented beautifully with colorful pictures for an easy learning. The numbers from 1 to 100 are written in numbers, words and character counts for fast learning. FRUITS, FLOWERS, ANIMALS & MORE – Teach your kids about the living and non-living things around us like birds, animals, vehicles etc. This set has 1 picture book each of fruits, flowers, vegetables, birds, vehicles, domestic animals, and wild animals. With more than 40 colorful pictures in each book with names, it’s easy for the young minds to grasp and learn the things easily by seeing the pictures of fruits and flowers. The glossy pages and bright pictures make learning even more fruitful.
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